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Little Baha’i Coloring Book is a small collection of illustrations by Bre Vader, many of which are Baha’i-inspired.  For example, it includes a simple drawing of the Shrine of Baha’u’llah, the Lotus temple in India, and the Seat of the Universal House of Justice, along with illustrations of children.

Bre says, “I did these drawings as part of a larger project I’m currently working on, a big Baha’i activity book.  The illustrations in Little Baha’i Coloring Book are from a series that I recently brought to our local 19-day Feast.  It was suggested there that I put them into a coloring book so that people could purchase them, so I did just that!”

The bigger workbook will be targeted to children aged 4-8 and will have more thoughtful activities, some coloring, and a resource guide for parents to help their kids understand the concepts presented through the activities.  It will be available in a few months time.

As an Ayyam-i-Ha present to Baha’i families, Bre is offering one of her coloring pages as a free download.  You can download the page as a PDF by clicking Little Baha’i Coloring Book Free Page.

To purchase the full 15-page book for $9 visit this site.

Bre is a mom of Milo (7) and Sonia (5), and along with her husband Dave she is currently waiting for the referral of two children to join their family through adoption from Ethiopia.  They live just outside of Boston.  They love the city, traveling, trying different foods, having parties and – coloring.

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  1. Update: Bre’s larger book is now out!  Find out more info here:


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